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Former Premier, Li lanqing; Standing member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Jia Qinglin; and Mayor of Beijing, Liu Qi, etc. personally visit Zhongguancun Life Science Park to guide the development.

 1.Beijing Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park Development Co., Ltd. is set up in August 18 in 2002, approved by Beijing Municipal Government. Develop LSP, construct LSP, and serve for companies in LSP, is the mission of Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park Development Co., Ltd. Principle of our company is good faith, high efficiency and excellence, and to be the first class in park development and business promoition.

2.In October 10 to 12 of 2002, “internationalization developmental strategy Conference of Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park” is held in Crown Plaza. Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government,Mr. Liu Zhi hua; leaders of Beijing Science Parks Construction Group and Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park; and several overseas consultants of Life Science Park, Drs. Guo Ming, Wu Yue, Zhang Kanying, Bao Shaoqi and Yan Chongqing, deliberate on the internalization of Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park, and signed the “Cooperation letter of intent of setting up Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park Innovation Capital and US Branch”, which finally decided the “three into one” internationalization strategy of Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park.

3.In April 8, 2003, Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park Development Co., Ltd. signed strategic alliance Agreement with Zhong-guan-cun Technology&Property Right Exchange, and obtained the member certificate of Zhong-guan-cun Technology&Property Right Exchange in June 20. Hereon Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park will obtain more capital market services, and realize the joint of capital and technical innovation.

4.In August 2003, the Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government,Mr. Boyuan Fan, personally host the special conference of international medical park, and strengthen the support to this project. In August 15, on witness of National and Beijing Municipal leaders, and the over 20 national and local media, Beijing Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park Development Co., Ltd. formally signed the “letter of intent of entering Zhong-guan-cun international medical park of Beijing Union Medical Center and Peking University International Hospital” with Peking Union Medical College and Peking University Investment Management Co., Ltd.

5.In December 15 of 2003, contract signing ceremony of setting up Beijing Proteomics Research Center & Entering Zhong-guan-cun Life Science Park is held in the park, and the 3rd Session International Proteomics Convention & Beijing Proteomics Research Center Establishment News Release was convened. Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Xueyong Li; Assistant Secretary General of Beijing Municipal Government, Mr. Jiandong Zhang; President of Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Mr. Dasheng Zhao; Director of National Biomedical Analyzing Center and Academician, Dr. Fuchu He; Chairman of International Human Proteomics Organization, Dr. Samir Hanash; and leaders from Ministry of Science and Technology, Committee of National Natural Science Fund Committee, Administrative Committee of of Zhong-guan-cun Science Park, Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Committee had taken part in the ceremony. Xinhua Press, News Department of CCTV, Chinese Central Broadcasting, People’s Daily, People’s Liberation Army Daily Newspaper, Medical Economy Newspaper and Zhong-guan-cun Science Park Newspaper have reported this signature and News Release.

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